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https://merit.domo.com/kpis/details/1105954111 - is it possible to display the following card Bars Red if >0 and Green if < 0 




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    It is possible to permanantly assign colors to series using a Beast Mode in the Sorting area. Here is an example:


    WHERE `series` > 0 THEN 1

    WHERE `series` <  0 THEN 2

    By placing this Beast Mode in Sorting and setting Series 1 and 2 in the Color settings to Red and Green, then the card will sort the data conditionally into the colors. The downside to this method is that the card sorting will no longer be dynamic.


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    can you provide a screenshot? we can't get to a chart that's in your instance of Domo.

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    @HelenOBrien, can you provide a screenshot to better assist you?

  • The Variance is based on the following Beast Code 

    Variance =(sum((CASE  WHEN (`value_type`='Actuals') THEN `scrap_value` ELSE 0 END )) - Sum((CASE  WHEN (`value_type`='Budget') THEN `scrap_value` ELSE 0 END )))


    then GetStatus =( Variance > 0 Above Target else below target)

    (CASE  WHEN ((sum((CASE  WHEN (`type`='Actuals') THEN `amount_usd` ELSE 0 END )) - Sum((CASE  WHEN (`type`='Budget') THEN `amount_usd` ELSE 0 END ))) > 0) THEN 'Above Target' ELSE 'Below Target' END )


    When I pull GetStaus in Series bar Chart no data is displayed ( it will work on numeric data but not on the Beast Mode code variance


    hope this helps 

  • no body answered my question I have submitted more information 

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    @HelenOBrien, did andrewnemrow's reply help answer your question?

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