Fitbit Connector - User Activities Steps - Friend ID's

I'm trying to pull in steps for a Fitbit user and a series of the users friends.  I have it setup where I can pull the steps for the user using the User Activities Steps report.  When I try to enter the ID of one of the users friends however, the connector fails. 


I got the friend ID by going to the friends profile page and grabbing the red portion of the below URL


What do I need to do in order to pull the friends data as well?  Also, if I add multiple friends, should it be a comma separated list?  One additional note is that i can see the step counts for the friend in the Fitbit web interface, so the friend is sharing steps.





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  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee
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    @nlinnell I logged into my very unused FitBit account and connected it to Domo.


    Using the "User Activity Steps" report I was able to put in a comma separated list of my and my friend's ID's and was able to pull in their step data.


    I found their ID's by just going to their profile page, and my own at my profile page.


    I did find that one of my friends wasn't "sharing" their steps, so the connector failed when I tried to pull theirs. I had to remove them from the list.