I have a list of clients that I would like the ability to look at individually.  There are over 100 clients, so not ideal to build out individual cards or to use the filter within the card.   I have built a year by year comparison with drill downs to each client view by product.  Each time I go in I have to turn on the analyzer and then add filter.


 Is there a way to make the analyzer for these cards permanent, so if others want to look at a specific client they do not have to turn the analyzer on and the filter on everytime they view this card, but just select the client?


Thank you!

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    @Kawasaki-San, I don't believe analyzer/filter will stick to a card, but if you have Admin permissions within your Domo instance, you can set a PAGE-level Analyzer/filter and it will remain in place for other users.  Might try playing with that, perhaps set the card(s) in question on a dedicated sub-page so that you can configure as needed, including being able to place multiple filters (if that's relevant).



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