Is there a way to have dynamic scaling on the y-axis?

I'm wondering if there's a way to have dynamic scaling on the y-axis.  For example, if we're using Analyzer and one metric ranges between 0-5%, we might want the y-axis to start at 0.  However, if another metric ranges from 30-40%, we might want the y-axis to start at 20% so that it's easier to see differences between points.


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    Can anybody help @tleong with their question?


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    Thank you for your question. Can you provide us with a link to the card you are working with and we can look into what is possible. If there are no extreme outliers, and the metric is not limited by MIN or MAX, then the card axes should be dynamic.

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    @tleong, can you answer andrewnemrow's follow-up question to better assist you? 

  • @andrewnemrow, I have the same question. The data set doesn't look like it should be forcing a zero but it is. This is the card in reference:




  • Have you tried using the "Log Scale" option under Chart Properties > Value Scale (Left)? I have not found another way to dynamically scale the Line chart without manually altering the Value Scale settings. 

  • I don't see a log scale option in that section.

  • In your card, navigate to Chart Properties > Value Scale (Left) . You will need to scroll down below the Min and Max options to find Log Scale.

  • ohh neat, had not noticed scrolling down was an option. However that did not fix anything on the chart.

  • It should limit the scale so that the line movement is more pronounced. The only other way to do this in Chart Properties is to add a Min to Value Scale (Left) to limit the scale even further. For example, adding .12 to the Min section will set 12% as the minimum scale value.

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    Was your original question solved? If so please mark the accepted solution so others may benefit from this thread.




  • Not quite, there curently is no solution to offer dynamic scaling based off the dataset in Domo.

  • @tleong and @eizquierdo


    Can one of you suggest this as an enhancement in our Ideas Exchange and I will make sure it gets the correct visibility with our product management team.


    I also want to ensure you get credit for submitting this as well!



  • I just submitted it.

  • Thank you @tleong!


    For those who like this proposed idea you can vote for it here by clicking on the white arrow next to the idea title.




  • @tleong, did any of the above replies help you out?

  • It sounds like the Domo team is looking at this as a possible enhancement.


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