Is there a Concur connector available/in the works?

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At Domopalooza I kept seeing the Concur logo in the the choices for connectors, but it does not appear to be available in my Domo instance.

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    There is a Concur connector however, it is a beta connector and not public-facing.  For assistance in getting access to this connector, please reach out to Domo Support.

    I am no longer with Domo, please reach out to another Domo lead for assistance. Thank you!



    Is this not a free connector? 


    I had to contact Concur to gain access to our "Client ID" and "Client Secret" needed to install the connector, and they said I had to "enable Web Services to open access to Concur APIs."

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    @micah913, tagging you in case you have not seen Archimedes' reply.

  • We are using the Concur connector. But I have a few questions.


    It seems concur is a request, wait, then pull mechanism (queuing web service). When I look at the concur connector they are able to make request, and receive data back. The problem is that the data is more of the this report is ready at this url. 


    1. How can I configure the concur connector to pull a specific report?

    2. How does the concur connector handle the request / wait / pull involved with queuing web services?


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  • Hi Vince, did you have any luck with the concur connector?  I contacted concur and they said I would have to sign up for web services as well.  It was not cheap.  I was wondering if it is worth it, or I can just set up automated email extracts.




  • Do you know if there is anything you need to do on the Concur end to allow DOMO to pull in data? ie Enable Applications, or Manage Application Connector in the Admin->Web Services of Concur?