Anyone using the Basecamp connector?

My company uses Basecamp to discuss projects and assign tasks, and I have connected the data to Domo to help project managers visualize workflow. I am wondering if anyone else is using the Basecamp connector, and if so how?


On a side note, a Basecamp 3 connector would be nice. Smiley Wink

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  • janelle
    janelle Domo Employee
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    At this time Basecamp has not released their API documentation to version 3, and we are currently waiting from them to release this to look into the feasibiity of upgrading the connector to allow for version 3. There is currently a thread on their site where they will provide a link to the new API once it is available and can be found using this link:




    We currently have several customers that are using the Basecamp connector, and they are visualizing their data in a multitude of ways. If you would like I can get in contact with your Account Excutive to have someone sit down with you to help you visualize your data.