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  • @ColemenWilson - That is leaving all columns blank. Could it be a decimal issue?
  • @MichelleH - it does, I am going to try to rebuild the entire dataset/etl and see what happens.
  • @MichelleH - sure! Here is a full table overview - filters are just removing account names, sorting is by account-date-half hour. The beast modes just turn the percentage values into actual percentages 'ABANDONED (%)* 100'. I have another card just like this one without the half hour field that has no duplicate issues.. so…
  • @MichelleH - No subtotals or aggregated but there are a few beast modes
  • @MichelleH - Question for this one is there a way to rework this formula to only show when ‘Session_Date’ is this month and ‘X12_Month_Scheduled_Review__c’ IS NOT BLANK?
    in Syntax Error Comment by Stucker March 10
  • @MichelleH - thank you for that information! Unfortunately the formula is not pulling in the correct count - its pulling in 0.. they are both date fields so I wonder if that has something to do with it? 
    in Syntax Error Comment by Stucker March 8
  • @MichelleH - its the beast mode that i get the error. I cant even save a basic beast mode - so I wasnt sure if there was something I was doing wrong.