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  • Awesome! This worked @GrantSmith ! Thank you for saving my time. Much appreciated!
  • Thank you @GrantSmith for immediate response. I will try this and let you know.
  • Thank you @GrantSmith This is very helpful. I will look into this link and will implement recursive data flow for my case.
  • Thank you @MichelleH and @GrantSmith! This worked!!!
  • Sure @MichelleH In DOMO, This is how it looks like when I look at the data section. Product Key (Floating decimal type) - ProductSale_TimeStamp (Time stamp type)-
  • Thank you @GrantSmith for your response. I am using MySQL transformation. The data type for the produtkey field is Floating decimal in Domo. I tried above formats and it did not work. Thanks for sending the link. I will check the same.
  • Thanks @GrantSmith for your quick response. I will need to do a matching on both the sources to get just the matched records. So I will need an inner join. Yes Thanks @GrantSmith . I will add a Group tile and output to a different dataset. The only issue I have with that approach is, in the dashboard I want to see both the…
  • Thank @GrantSmith . I tried doing the above. I first reset the type in configuration so it is back to Floating decimal. Then after formula tile I placed Alter tile to convert to Date type. Now I get an error after the join. The error says "An error occurred in Alter Columns" Column of type Floating Decimal cannot be…
  • Thank you @DashboardDude and @GrantSmith for the clarification . This is helpful
  • Excellent! That worked!! Thank you very much for your quick response @MarkSnodgrass ! Appreciate it.
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  • Thanks @MarkSnodgrass. I am looking specifically for "Single Value" type card. I see there is a Number format in the Chart properties, but it does not work for me. Not sure what I am missing.. Please advise.
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  • @Sayyed007 Thanks for your response. Yes, I forgot to mention that the dataset is shared with that group with "Can Share" option that is highlighted above. However, I am not seeing any options in Dataflows regarding sharing settings? I don't see any option to share a dataflow to specific group or role? Can you or someone…