Table card export to PPT

I am creating a powerpoint slide from a domo page, however the table cards that I have got cut off, it is missing the last 3 columns. What can I do so it pull all the columns in?


  • I am having the same issue exporting a Domo table to Powerpoint but cutting off Rows. The only solution I found is to export a second time to Excel, add rows to the Powerpoint slide and copy/paste the missing data. Then format it. Not a preferable solution. Looking for help too!

  • Any update on this request?



  • We are also having card sizing issues. The card cuts off the legend or eliminates key information like averages.  The only way to get the information to display is to make a full page card size, but we need them smaller (like 3x3).  Is there any resolution to size and include all of the card information?

  • Same issue here and it's incredibly frustrating. I get exactly the same scenario on the scheduled email reports too. Is there a workaround?

  • Similar issue. @DaniBoy can you help the group here understand the priority and solution here?

  • We are having the same issue, Is there a workaround for this? 



    Our table cards are wide because they are dealing with financial information, 16 columns. 15 columns export to PPT



  • Having this same issue where exporting to PPT is coming out small and cutting off rows. What can we do to make this work as my reports are not functional

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