Server side permissions for embed programmatic filtering not working with private embed


I am able to access my dashboard with the embed links set to private using server-side permissions. However, when I log into an account that have filters set, I get the following error:

{"status":400,"statusReason":"Internal Server Error","path":"/embed/pages/5yv8Z","toe":"6EH2UGS74M-ES1C9-R929I"}

I am fairly new to all of this and trying to figure out why the filtering would be blocking access.


  • GrantSmith

    Are the pfilters getting set correctly and have you validated the format of passing in the pfilters? Have they been url encoded?

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  • feliciasullivan
    edited March 2023

    Thanks Grant for responding. The pfilters work when the embed is set to “public” but I am not sure how to go about validating how the pfilters get passed. I have a feeling that is the problem. I likely have not “url encoded". So I how at least have something to hang on to in searching for a solution. Here is a sample of how I have a filter set up:

    filters: [{"column": "Source / Medium", "operator": "IN", "values": ["luminary / partner"]}]