Possible to graph a linear equation?

ChaseJepson Member
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I wanted to graph this linear equation in domo

GoalVariance = (E_Rate)x + (N_Rate)y

Is this possible in Domo?


  • GrantSmith

    You'd need to generate a dataset with numbers between the min and max of your graph and then you could utilize variables within the page for the E_Rate and N_Rate Values to automatically update your graph. You can use the value from the dataset for both your x and y value.

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  • LWalker
    LWalker Domo Employee

    Yes, it is possible to graph a linear equation in Domo.

    GoalVariance = (E_Rate)x + (N_Rate)y

    To graph this equation in Domo, you can use the "Line" chart type, which allows you to plot a line based on a mathematical equation. Here are the steps you can follow:

    1. Create a new "Line" chart in Domo.
    2. In the "Data" tab, select the data source that contains the values for E_Rate, N_Rate, and GoalVariance.
    3. In the "X-Axis" section, select the column that corresponds to x (typically E_Rate in this case).
    4. In the "Y-Axis" section, select the column that corresponds to y (typically N_Rate in this case).
    5. In the "Line" section, select the "Equation" option.
    6. In the "Equation" input field, enter the linear equation in the form of y = mx + b, where m is the slope (E_Rate in this case) and b is the y-intercept (GoalVariance / N_Rate in this case).
    7. Click "Apply" to see the graph of the linear equation.

    Note that you may need to adjust the scale of the x-axis and y-axis to make sure the graph is displayed correctly.

  • ChaseJepson

    Hey @Lowell_Walker thank you for the reply. I am trying to follow your directions and getting stumped on step 5, not sure what I am missing. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • ChaseJepson

    Hey folks, thanks for your help! I solved this using the first method of creating a dataset.

    I pulled the two values from a separate table and created a small dataset of the two coordinates.

    SELECT 0 AS New, ExistingSlug AS Existing
    FROM cases_slug
    SELECT NewSlug AS New, 0 AS Existing
    FROM cases_slug

    Then I created the XY graph and used the two variables

    Thanks for your help!