Combining Rows of Data with a common attribute

Gabby Member
edited April 2023 in Datasets


I have a dataset which is product data cross multiple years.

In some cases the same buyer bought the product in year 2022 and year 2021 and I want to roll this up into 1 line.

How do I do this automatically, matching on the word 'Buyer C' (because it's not feasible to manually match them with the size of the data)

Any help?

Also more explicit restrictions required than simply 'use Group By' or 'use string operations'



  • MichelleH

    @Gabby Be sure that your columns for Product Year 2022 and Product Year 2022 are both set up for an Aggregation of "Sum". That should fix your duplication issue.

  • Gabby

    Hi @MichelleH unfortunately that will not help. There is nothing to sum as the data is already aggregated at the level of the product Year.

    In the underlying data set 2022 and 2023 occupies seperate line items/rows.


  • MichelleH

    @Gabby How are you breaking the Product Name/Year into different columns? Are you using a pivot table card with the Product Name/Year field in the columns or are you using a Mega table with beast modes for each Product/Year? If you are using beast modes please share your formulas.