Heatmap Percentage of X-Axis Beast Mode


Hi all,

We're new to using Domo and trying to work through how to setup the beast mode calculation we'd like to see for this. We have a dataset of feedback from individuals about things they enjoy about out company by location, but this is skewed towards our larger offices that will always have a greater n-value.

We'd like to setup a beast mode calculation that would determine what percentage of each office location responded for that particular item. For example, in our Chicago office 6/27 (22.2%) responses indicated they were happy with compensation, whereas 3/4 of Dallas (75%) responded the same. Currently category 1 is our location, Category 2 is the areas of feedback, and the Value is a count of the responses.

We'd like the heatmap to display the percentage basis for the answers, rather than the n-value for determining the shading. Any ideas on how we'd write this type of beast mode calculation to replace the current count option? I can't find anything in beast mode documentation that breaks this down.


  • MarkSnodgrass

    You can have your value field be a beast mode, which could be a calculation that would get your percentage. You might need to play around with a few calculations to see what is the correct combination, but it would be something like:

    COUNT(responses) / COUNT(location)

    You can then format the value field as percentage.

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