Netsuite connector - Saved Search ID


I'm trying to pull data from Netsuite via Netsuite App TBA connector. However, I keep getting Domo is ready, but the details you entered are invalid. Verify the dataset details and try again.

The only required field in Detail is Search ID. Which I follow the below instruction to use search ID in Netsuite Search table and also in Search URL but both did not work.

NetSuite App TBA Connector – Domo

Am I doing something wrong? or the other error that I didn't notice?


  • GrantSmith


    Have you confirmed your credentials are correct and that those credentials have access to the search id?

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  • HGV
    HGV Member

    The credential is correct. I was able connect with certain saved search. But with saved search with ID like customsearch_aa_bb_cc, I'm not able to connect. I received error of saved search doesn't exist. Audience was set as Public. So I'm not sure what is the issue. What ID should I use in DOMO with search ID in that format?

  • newbie
    newbie Contributor

    my guess is the role does not have access to at least 1 field in your search

  • tbrock
    tbrock Domo Employee

    Was this ever resolved by the way?

    I work for Domo.
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