Category Following and Notifications

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Whether you're just getting started on the Community Forums or you're an ancient user, category following will for sure level-up your Dojo game. Read on to learn how these tools will help you reach your goals on Dojo. 


Category Following

Category following allows you to subscribe to category boards within the forum. By clicking the bell in the upper-right hand corner of category boards, you can now subscribe to any category and choose from 3 types of notifications: follow on the homepage, notify of all new topics, or notify of all new discussions and comments. 


Clicking the bell and selecting Follow will make a category appear under Followed Categories on your preferences page. This will simply allow you to filter for this category on the /categories page, but does not affect notifications at all. 



Clicking Topics will not only list the category under Followed Categories, but will also check the popup notification box within your notification preferences. Depending on your notification preferences found in your profile settings, you may choose to be emailed with every new topic.

Discussions and Comments

Same as clicking discussions above, clicking Discussions and Comments will list the category under Followed Categories and check the popup notification box within your notification preferences. If you'd like to also receive Email notifications, you can optionally check the Email notification box.

Note: This will send a separate email for each new discussion and comment, as email digests are not a feature at this time. This option can become quite noisy. 

Notification Preferences

You can edit your notification preferences on your profile. Profile > Notification Preferences. Here you can check boxes according to how and when you'd like to be notified. Don't forget to save your preferences so they get implemented.

If you have any more questions about following categories or notification preferences, ask below!


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