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Hello Domo Experts,

I am having a hard time navigating around this one. My goal is to get a unique count of 'evaluation_id' where an error has occurred. I have created a column for when error occurred using beast mode, but when I try to count Distinct Eval Ids does not seem to give me what I want. Any help appreciated.

Thank you


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @jgospel

    It's because of the extra columns you have displayed in your chart. Because you have Compliance Error, question_max_score and answer_value it's grouping by those so it's only looking at the compliance error within that specific group rather than at just the agent full name level. If you remove several of those columns that are for debugging your query will likely work.

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  • tejusarora

    I tried and tested out a few scenarios and the results have nothing to do with additional columns in your table.

    I see couple of potential issues with your code.

    1. While you mentioned that error occurs when Question_max_score is not equal to answer_value however your case statement is Question_max_score = answer_value instead of Question_max_score != answer_value. 
    2. It could also be issues with bracket/braces placement. Try using this:





       CASE when (`question_max_score` != 'answer_value') AND (`Name_group` = 'compliance critical') then `evaluation Id`





  • gospel

    Thank you both! It worked out :)