Topics vs Questions vs Idea: Which one do I choose?

AnnaYardley Admin
edited January 2023 in Getting Started

There are three discussion type options on the community forums: topics, questions, and ideas. When you make a post on the forums, make sure you are choosing the right discussion type. Click the dropdown on the right-hand side of the orange "New Topic" button to choose the proper discussion type you'd like to start. 

Topic type posts:

The community forum's user-generated content is organized into topics. Replies to those topics are called comments. These topics are generally used for information, discussion, and advice based forums. If you are expecting a specific answer to your topic, you should be using the Q&A type below.

Users receive points for positive reactions on their posts: likes, awesomeness, and an admin promotion.

Question type posts:

When a user asks a question, other community members are invited to answer that question. For each response you receive to your question, the user will be prompted to accept the best answer. One the accepted answer has been marked by the user that asked the question, the best answer will be pinned to the top of the discussion. Posts that have been correctly answered will have an "accepted answer" tag appear next to the discussion. 

Users collect points as they answer questions, and even MORE points if their answer was the accepted solution.

Idea type posts:

An Idea is a discussion type that can be voted on by other users. The Ideas Exchange is the only place in the community forums that you can provide Domo's product team feedback and new ideas. Ideas will have a status that indicates the plan and decision for the idea made by Domo's product team. 

Users will receive a point for each upvote on their idea.