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I have a report which contains the manager level information in the hierarchical way. How to implement the hierarchy structure in PDP using the report automatically and we need a way for the users to see who reports to who? and also the person can only see their reportees information when they login to the DOMO 




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    Domo doesn't really support data in a ragged hierarchy (i assume your table structure is 

    employee_id, emp_name, supervisor_id).


    You'd have to flatten your hierarchy into columns.

    L1 = CEO

    L2 = C-suite

    L3 = Managers

    L4 = Reports.


    Then you can create PDP policies based on those columns.  it's a pain.

    At that point, instead of thinking of PDP by individuals, maybe think of it as PDP by regions and territories or Department & Job function.  Usually, if you approach the project that way, the grain is a bit more manageable.

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