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When creating a beast mode for custom summary numbers and applying conditional logic to the output, it would be extremely helpful to be able to declare and set a variable that can then be referenced through out the beast mode.


For example, when calculating the percent of sales volume (closed won) compared to last year's total won volume, it would be great to be able to set that as a variable at the beginning of the beast mode, i.e. pctofLastYear, and then be able to reference that so that I could do color coding, i.e. red if pctOfLastYear is negative and green if pctOfLastYear is positive. Right now, having to have the percent calculation repeated multiple times in the beast mode creates a very large and unwieldy piece of code that becomes difficult to manage and troubleshoot.

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  • This functionality is not available in Domo yet.  The closes thing available might be the creating of Beast Modes in Dataset Views which you could then reference as a column.  Only problem is that for your use case it sounds like you'd want aggregation too, which IS possible with the Dataset Views beta; however, if you aggregate data in a Dataset View, then you wouldn't be able to apply filters over the aggregated data.

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