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It would be fantastic to receive alerts when a card is broken. There are many cards we use and this would make checking and fixing cards a breeze.

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  • Take a look at the DomoGovernance_Cards dataset and the DomoGovernance_BeastModes datasets.  They might have information that helps you address this problem.


    Also the new Beast Manager (beta) has a KPI for all the broken / non-functional beast modes.

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  • Bill_Bebb
    Bill_Bebb Contributor

    I see the beast mode governance has a 'beast mode status' dimension. That would be a game changer if it was available in the Cards Governance. So it would be like a 'Card Status' dimension that you can build an alert off of to determine what cards are broken. This would be specifically helpful in instances where there are many cards and checking them individually would take a while.

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