To Date Period over Period Cards - Flawed due to leap year?


When using the "to Date" cards, with a daily date grain, I'm noticing they show variance spikes due to shifting the dates 1 day, regardless of selecting YoY or 52 weeks as the comparison to, and I think this is due to the Leap Year. Another way to explain it is that the "align by day of week" option is aligning Mondays for 2020 with Sundays for 2019.


It seems like other Date Ranges are not impacted by this, but it makes the "to Date" cards somewhat unusable.


Is this a known issue, or is it an "undocumented feature"?




  • GrantSmith



    I'll typically do a comparison to 364 (364 / 7 = 52) days ago so that the same days are compared against each other (Sunday - Sunday, Monday - Monday etc) which tends to get around this issue.

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