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Now that I'm working from home with a slower internet connection than at work, I frequently see the "Oops! Something unexpected happened" error on a card or two from my dashboard. It would be very useful to have a button that would refresh just that card. Refreshing the entire page doesn't always work - frequently all this does is just move the error to a different set of cards.


The "Reporting Issue" button is counter-productive because when my users do this, it just wastes my time to investigate and determine it it is fine, and was an internet connectivity issue rather than an actual card issue.


I'd love to see a button that would allow the user to simply make Domo reload the card.  I think this would solve the issue 99% of the time.

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  • @Dean_Wangerin , i could be mistaken, but i doubt that the issue is a network connectivity issue, unless Domo really doesn't gracefully handle slow internet...


    if i had to guess your data volume / query size is just large enough that it's starting to break the system.  so in some cases (especially if you just updated the dataset, i.e. first thing in the morning) the query hasn't been cached yet, so the first time you hit that 1 minute timeout problem.  then when you 'reload the card' b/c Adrenaline has already been asked the question, it knows the answer so can surface the results.


    if i were in your position, i might do a little content management to clean up beast modes, maybe narrow the fusions and see if i can't put a little optimization in place.


    Additionally ... this is the no work required ... but likely to hit the most resistance b/c it's not scalable, you can submit the dashboard URL to support and ask them to please 'optimize it'.  describe the problem you're facing.


    Domo DBAs can do stuff in the backend to make dashboards more performant, but they like to see that you've done some good content management first.

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