Multi-Period Projection by Week


Hi everyone,


I have a scenario that is stumping me.


I'm trying to use the Multi-Period Projection in chart properties to project the next 3 periods.  


Projection Period Count: 3

Project Using: Linear Regression Recent Periods

Projection Controls:  Show


The calendar is set to current year.  When I set to graph by day, it will show me 3 days in advance (remainder of today and the next 2 days).  But when I set the calendar to graph by week (and still keep the projection period at 3) it will only show me 1 week in advance (remainder of current week).  


I thought maybe that, even though it is graphed by week, that the projection period count was still thinking by day, and that that's why I wasn't getting more than the remainder of the current week.  So I changed 3 to higher numbers, but still it only showed the remainder of this week.


I also do not see the + and - buttons like I thought I would, even though I have it set to "show"


My X Axis is the date column, and my Y axis is a distinct count beastmode.  I'm not sure if this is relevant information or not.




  • user090374
    user090374 Domo Employee

    Hi @HashBrowns,


    How much data is powering the card? Any Beast Mode calculations that use processing intensive functions such as COUNT (DISTINCT) or SUM (DISTINCT) will slow down the visualization performance of cards that are built off of large DataSets. This also happens with complex case statements that are over 30 lines of code. If you have to build these functions into a large DataSet, we recommend you do it in a DataFlow to optimize visualization performance.


    Additionally, try comparing weeks under where you can configure the date range of the card. Under the "compare to" option, change it to the week you'd like to compare it to. Check out the "compare to" section of this support article:

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