Share DataFlow like sharing DataSet

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It'd be nice to be able to share a dataflow like we can currently share datasets. This way other users would be able to review the logic of the dataflow to understand how the underlying data is being generated (also helpful for reviews). It could either be read-only or perhaps making a user a co-owner so they can make changes to the dataflow as well without having to give users permissions to see ALL dataflows.

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  • User should have access to a dataflow if they have access to all of its inputs. The access of the inputs should determine how they can edit the dataflow. But it would be nice to also just share dataflows as earlier I had to go and share a bunch of datasets with someone just so they could see one flow. 

  • I have tried your approach @Ashleigh and while it is funtional it is super frustrating to manage.  Some of my data flows have a lot of inputs and trying to figure out which one the user does not have access to is really cumbersome and time consuming. 


    It would be soo much better if you could share the data set and set what type of access they have.  A read only mode would be very nice.  It would also be very helpful whne trying to train someone.     

  • @mkozai  I totally agree that sharing Dataflows should be a thing. As far as knowing which ones they do not have access to, the user should be able to tell you. When they view the dataflow it should show each input but it will say they do not have access. This might be easier instead of clicking through each one. 

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