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Many times there is a need to display a URL, however it's nice to have it clickable. Currently to do this you need to add in some custom HTML which then also gets exported in the dataset making the data difficult to tweak and clean outside. It'd be great if we could have an option to format a column as a hyperlink which would cause the values within the field to be interpreted as a clickable URL and navigate to that URL but still export the URL only when exporting the data.

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    YES PLEASE!!!  Right now, I actually have some cards with hidden columns with the non-HTML link info so that they show up when the card is exported.  It's a pain and gets confusing when you go back later!  


    In addition to the original idea, it would be great if the configuration of this field gave the 'Display As' option which is usually available when embedding hyperlinks.  This way, you could have a hyperlink field, but have the name of whatever it is show up.  So - the 'Display As' option should support entry of text which would appear for all, or a particular field.  


    For example - When I just want a symbol indicating the clickable link, I will use an @ or the word 'link'.  Usually, I am using links in relation to metadata.  For the second scenario, I would want to display a dataset name as a clickable link.  


    Display as text:



    Display as field:





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