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Sometimes when we're adding quick start pages or other pages which are no longer required or needed it's a lot of work to have to go through and delete all of the cards and associated datasets which become orphaned when the page is deleted. It'd be great if there was a way to select a recursive delete to delete underlying datasets or cards associated with that page. 

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  • DataMaven
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    YES!!!  That should also be the case with changes in sharing.  There are some scenarios where unsharing at the page or card level does not trickle back to the dataset.  We had a situation where someone added a cards to pages which were shared to the 'Default' group.  That granted access to the dataset.  When the sharing was adjusted to the page, and when the cards were deleted from the page, it didn't fix the access.  It became quite a mess to clean up.  (I am oversimplifying the scenario, of course.)


    Bottom line - a recursive option for access would also be helpful!

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