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1. PDP's can only be inforced on the dataset level. It would be helpful if there was an option for page-level and card level PDP enforcement. A user may need to see a certain level of information from a dataset on one dashboard and then a higher/lower level on another dashboard. Enforcing PDP's on the dataset makes this difficult without separatley creating an identical dataset. 

2. Dashboards can be made up of cards using multiple different datasets, however the same PDP policies may be enforced across the different datasets. Then when viewing the dashboard, the policy filter at the top is filled with each individual policy, many of which have the same names. The same way it would be helpful to have page-level and card-level policies, it would be helpful to have a PDP center where you can create PDP's and apply a single policy to multiple datasets. It would reduce the amount of time it takes to apply PDP's as well as condensing the available options to filter on at the page level. 

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