Provide a chart preview when posting a Domo URL in Slack

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Background:  Most companies have a messaging or chat app for quick discussions and team spaces for virtual conversation.  eg. Slack, HipChat, Sametime, Teams, Skype, etc.  And whether they like it or not this is where many employees are a lot of their day and it helps them in the flow of work.


This suggestion is to provide a chart preview when posting a Domo URL in a messaging app like Slack.


Domo is completely missing out on the value this provides, time savings for its users and most important for them, the additional traffic and users that would be clicking on the links.  Buzz works well for regular users in Domo and to discuss specific charts and pages, but it cannot replace how an organization communicates.  Embedded in this article you can see how another data analytics tool provides a preview of a chart that is behind a URL. 


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