A Domo Governance Dataset that has dataset schema including column descriptions and tags

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I really want to see Domo release a legitimate Data Dictionary tool. I would even be willing to start building my own but first need access to a dataset(most likely in the Domo Governance Sets) that will pull in the schema from other datasets including the Column descriptions and tags. There is already a Schema set but it only includes the description of the dataset itself and not the columns which is much less useful by itself. I called customer support and have been told so far that there isn't an option for this and the best way to build a data dictionary is to use the Notecard card which sounds too manual and inefficient. What's everyone else's thoughts on this? Any ideas I can use right now? Would this be useful for others?




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  • I agree that being able to view the tags assigned to all objects would be a great way to manage the health of the entire platform. As you say, the data governance datasets don't collect the column descriptions on the dataset schema set, and none of them let you see what tags exist or have been applied. Domo themselves recommend using tags to manage things like stage of the SDLC but I'd also like to use tags to group datasets, dataflows, cards and pages by project, business process, enterprise information model and so forth. Tags is really the only way to give multiple associations to the same object.

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    PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!  When they developed the Dataset Schema dataset, they simply selected the wrong Description field.  It should be easy to remedy.  I am sure I submitted this when the datasets first came out.  I've mentioned to anyone who would listen when discussing metadata.  WE NEED THIS!!!!  


    Not having the correct description field is a defect.  Please fix!





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  • Much needed feature with increaing data in Domo.


  • Hi @Culper_Jr 


    Have you tried using the Dataset Schema with Tags data governance dataset? It should list all of the columns (Column Name) and the column descriptions (Column Description) and any tags associated with that column (Column Tag)

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