Table and Layout Improvements

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I feel like there's a lot of really basic things that DOMO can't do that it should be able to, specifically related to Table cards

  • Scrolling functionality on dashboards so you don't have to click into the card
  • Freeze panes - both leftmost and top pane
  • Sort on column names - smallest to largest, A-Z, newest to oldest, etc.
  • Columns should be able to be resized
  • Exports of tables to .xlsx or .csv should include totals, subtotals, and color/font formatting
  • There should be an option to export as a PDF. 

Not specifically related to table cards, but just the layout of pages/dashboards in general

  • Standard Pages are only 7 units wide but the full size settings limit a card to a 6 unit width
  • Dashboards only use about 60% the width of a screen. It seems like an inefficient use of space. It would be nice to have the option to resize the width of a dashboard. 


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