Ability to roll out new features (esp. navigation UI changes) by user type or group vs "all at once"

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I would like the ability to roll out any new features, esp. navigational/UI changes such as the latest update, to a specific group or group(s) of users for evaluation, planning/training in advance of pushing it out to all of our DOMO users.


This would be particularly useful for DOMO admins to preview the changes and prepare internal documenation w/o having to switch everyone over.




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  • Thanks for the comment, Nick. We actually do have this capability (we call it Product Preview) of testing upcoming new features with a specific set of users before implementing them for your whole instance. However, there are some features for which this is either simply not possible or causes more issues for users, and are thus not available for preview with select users (the new navigation is one such feature).


    The Product Preview program is available for premium support customers. If you are interested in participating in the Product Preview program, I recommend getting in touch with your Domo representative.

  • Paige,


    Thanks for your response and I understand where you are coming from -- we are already in the product preview program for certain features we're currently beta testing such as the new pivot cards.


    However, on UI changes of this nature specifically, I'd like to see a preview option or ability to apply to X group to help us admins prepare our users for the changes prior to rollout.  Some of our users are still in the initial learning phase of DOMO and some are more adverse to change than others, so we want to ensure they understand the changes to lessen the impact on their day-to-day work.  I think some of your other customers would fall into this category as well.


    I realize this type of thing would need to be built into the update from the beginning and wouldn't be easy or practical to add after the fact, so please take this as food for thought on future releases.


    I like the new navigation, I just don't enjoy having to switch it on in our environment after hours to preview it so that other users aren't confused while I have it activated.




  • Not sure if this is helpful but before we rolled it out I used it for a bit in my sandbox to make sure it was easy and intuitive. I t thought it was straightforward so I just sent a mass email to all of our licensed users with a link to an overview of the new change. 

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