Dark Mode for MySQL and Redshift Dataflows

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I'd love to have the option of a dark mode for writing and reading redshift dataflows, because on days like today my eyes are bleeding

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  • @Im_Data  The lack of upvotes on this is disturbing! Are you and I the only ones that code in Redshift all day? I did find a temporary solution, if you're using a PC (maybe with a Mac). 
    The new Chromium-based version of Edge has a Dark Mode in the experiments section. (quite frankly, the new Edge is so good, it's slowly pulling me away from Firefox). When enabled, it converts all web pages to dark mode. 

    To enable it, type "edge://flags/#enable-force-dark" into the browser bar.

    There are a few options for the algorithm and color scheme used to choose new colors, but I found "Simple with CIELAB-based inversion" to work best. Some of the others didn't draw boxes around transforms and datasets or didn't show the cursor anymore. The only issue I've seen in Domo, so far, is with mega tables, which don't invert the font color if it's black (000000).

    If you're using Chrome, I believe this is also a beta/experimental option as well. 

    There's nothing worse than starting work at 5AM and having multiple monitors blasting soul-sucking bright light at you

    Dataflow transform editor in Edge's dark modeDataflow transform editor in Edge's dark mode


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