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I think it would be great to have filters selectable by default (defined in analyser) in Filter Cards. I believe it'd make Dashboards more user-friendly, tailorable.




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  • If I understand correctly, the suggestion is to be able to select a default option (or options) on filter cards.  So the user would see the default selection(s) when he/she loads the page, but could still change them.  This would extremely helpful.

  • Piling on to this request.


    Use Case: 


    We have a dashboard page built that (should) by default show "Last Month's Sales".. However, it would be nice if users could manually change the date range if desired to browser other historical sales data. 


    The current solutions are:


    * Use a "hard" manual date range as a page filter. However there is no dynamic date range/value ranges here. Meaning we'd have to update the date range every month. This would still allow "filter cards" to work to toggle to other date ranges.


    * Set card-level filters to "Previous Month", but then they would no longer respond to changes to filter cards on the page.


    Seems like the most viable solution would be:


    * Allow for "Interval" or "Dynamic" Page filters (i.e. show between -60 and -30 days, or show "previous month")


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