Governance Dataset Including Certification Status of Datasets/Cards

We are looking to measure whether a dataset has been certified, and currently the data point for whether a card or dataset is certified is not included in the Governance datasets. This needs to be included! We want to track how we are doing as a team at taking advantage of the certification capabilities.

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  • @SteveBrownlee  sorry for such a late response but you can find this info in the activity log! Well at least some of it. You can see when something has been certified by one person or fully certified through the whole workflow as well as if its certification expired. A little manipulation to that and you could proably get a list of current certified things. 


    I believe this issues of wanting certification metadata in the DG datasets has been mentioned to Domo a few times so hopefully it will be added soon but in the meantime Activity Log is a good fix. 

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