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Is there any way to export the whole Dashboard as a single PDF? Most of our contracts and partners want reports on a single page but I am only able to export the cards on seperate PDF pages. I have just been manipulating the PDF to put all of the cards on a single page. Is there a better way to do this?



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    Have you tired using Domo stories?  If  you drop down the wrench on a page and use design dashbooard.  You'll get that option.  Pick a template based on the number of cards you have and it should format to one page.  The PDF formats nicely to a one page report.

  • The templates are rather limiting. If we try to export as PDF or Powerpoint a "normal" dashboard that is more customized, the resulting PDF document is very poorly formatted. Has anyone had any luck with formatting a dashboard to actually export as a PDF effectively?

  • The Templates are limiting and probably not the size and view that you'd prefer to have keeping in mind readability.

    Unfortunately, you might have to go beyond a page but leverage the "border" line option to delineate what should fit into one page versus the other so each page is complete information.

  • The Domo Powerpoint plug-in may be super helpful. I had my team at Domo walk me through basics of it on a brief call last week--it essentially allows you to pull in cards "real-time" with a simple click of the refresh button, and then arrange the cards in whatever format (8 on a page, you can resize them, place them in any arrangement you see fit). 


    I'm going to spend a bit of time putting together a sample report, more of an Arts & Crafts project at first to see how everything fits and the best way to organize the cards--since PDPs don't pull through, however, we will also need to spend some time thinking how to make this scalable and how different users can use the same template to send out reports, but filtered on different fields (filtering within the powerpoint is possible, but not sure best practices yet). 


    Hope this helps! You can find the Plugin and a knowledge base article on it by going to Admin --> Tool Downloads! 

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