Improve Error Reporting for missing fields

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If a field name is changed in a data flow on a card that I'm editing all it tells me is "An invalid column was specified in your request (the column does not exist on the dataset)". When I have a data set with over 100 columns and all of the beast mode calculations on top of it it'd save a bunch of time and frustration if it could tell me exactly which beast mode calculation is erroring so I can quickly fix it.

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  • Up vote! I am experiencing a problem right now where I had to adjust a categorical beast mode after adding new columns ot the dataset powering the card, and once I made the updates to the best mode the same error popped up. However, after validating the formula and confirming it works, the error persists. If the message had more detail, I might be able to determine if this was a glitch or if I'm still missing something. It doesn't appear to be the case becasue I can make an identical card that works fine but I cannot make the error go away in the original one.

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