Toggle PDP on/off at the card level

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It would be really awesome if you could toggle PDP on/off at the card level.


The majority of our cards use datasets that have PDP turned on... and on a fairly regular basis, we are asked to create a version of the card that doesn't use PDP so that in certain circumstance, company wide data can be accessed by certain individuals


1. can't just give them "all data" access to the dataset... because then that would affect the other 100+ cards where we still want PDP to be in effect.

2. theoretically, coming out of the workflow, we could create two versions of a dataset... one with PDP applied and one without it.  Then, you could save a copy of the card tied to the PDP dataset, and point it to the non-PDP dataset.  But that rarely works well... especially if the card is heavy in the beastmode department.


If we could toggle PDP on/off at the card level... that would be fantastic, and allow us to single set of card logic against a single dataset (split into two cards)... and then have PDP turned on for one and off for the other.



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