DomoStats Card Dataset

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DomoStats has Pages, Datasets, DataFlows, Activity Log, etc., they do not have a dataset for cards.  Potential fields to include:

  • Card Name
  • Owner
  • Link to card
  • Page(s) the card is located on
  • Creation Date
  • Last Viewed Date
  • Last Updated Date
  • Who has access
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  • @AnnK  you might want to look in the app store and search for governance and choose the Domo Governance data connector. In that connector, you can choose the Cards and Datasets report, which will give you information about the cards. You may need to join it with one of the main DomoStats dataflows to get everything you want. 

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  • @MarkSnodgrass I actually have all datasets from domostats and the third party domo governance app.  I have found that the domo governance apps are unreliable and would like something from Domo itself, thus my request.

  • @AnnK  what about the Domo Governace apps are unreliable? I use them contastley in our instance and have had little to no issues. 

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