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I work quite a bit with dashboards using Stories, and I would love to see an interaction option for a card to drill in place if a certain field has been filtered on the page. For example, if I have a card that can be drilled by customer and a slicer for the customer field, the end user could select "Customer ABC" in the slicer and the card would automatically drill in place to the detail for Customer ABC. If the slicer is cleared, the card would return to the top layer of the card.


While you can already set cards to drill in place in Stories, extra clicks are still required to enable and disable it. This change could allow more nimble navigation between macro and micro trends on the page, and could also improve the user experience for data consumers.

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  • I agree, this would be a great feature! We have a lot of users that want to have the same 3 drill down paths for every card, so it would be great if you could drill down the entire Storyboard (or just pre-determined cards on the Storyboard) with 1 click on a "card view" fitler card.

    Example: All of our management cards start with a view of the entire organization, then drills down to branches, then to individual employees. It would be great if we could include just 1 card per story on the storyboard, then if someone wants to see the branch level view instead of the entire organization, they could drill down on any card, or select a different view on a filter card, then all of the cards would drill down to the branch level view. This would greatly increase the usability of our Storyboards!!

  • This would be amazing. This feature would need to be quite specific for my use case. For example, I'd want to be able to configure the dashboard so that when a specific filter is applied, a specific card(s) would drill in place.

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