Pivot Card : Activation of Graph By feature even when a date is passed as row

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Hello DOMO folks,


thanks for introducing new feature "Pivot Table". when the date is passed as column the graph by option(changing time scale, Year,Month etc) works fine. But i do have a requirement of having the date as column and when I pass this column to Rows option in the card . the graph by option disappears. I have several time scale to represent and this is not possible in Pivot due to restriction of showing upto five columns as rows. 


Hence this would be great enhancement if we could do Graph by on Columns added at Rows in Pivot.


eg .   date               Sales

        2019-02-01      20000

       2019.02-.02         4000


Now if I want to check for entire Feb ( I should  be able to use graph by Month)


I dont want to use Sumo card for this because I have columns with large names and currently Sumo card doesnt provide column labelling feature. I have asked DOMO several times about this basic feature. But no good response. :


Any possibilities of enhancing Pivot card or Sumo card features?

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