When fieldname changes and breaks card, show us which field is missing

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when a card breaks because one of the fields on the dataset was renamed, it just gives you the orangne box, indicating one or more fields is missing... likely because the field(s) had their name changed on the dataset.  I would think it would be very easy to display the name of the field the card is expecting but can't find... that would be much easier than me trying to figure out in a long list of fields which one is now missing.



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  • @Jeffsnake  I think this is already a feature. I provided a screenshot of what mine shows. 


  • Jeffsnake
    Jeffsnake Contributor

    Oh man... that is perfect... but it doesn't show in our instance.  I'll reach out to support to see if they can help with that.


    Jeff H.

  • hmm, it might be a bug of some sorts. I checked my personal sandbox and it shows up there so it isn't special to my work's instance. 

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