Replace part of string with another value in Domo Cards


I have a data set showing some page names and paths of my website, a part of which has to replace with another in the domo card.

Can it be done using beast mode, using any functionality similar to 'Replace' in mysql.



Original Value: 'Site1::LandingPage > Site1::My Cart > Site2:Checkout Initiate:Checkout'

Required value: 'Landing Page > My Cart > Checkout'


Thus, 'Site1::LandingPage has to be replaced with 'Landing Page' , 'Site1::My Cart' is to be replaced with 'My Cart' and so on.


Any insights would be helpful.


  • Godiepi

    Yes you can write a beastmode using Replace() , hopefully your values to remove are consistent.

    you will need to replace within replace meaning one value at a time to replace all occurrences


    for example start replacing the 1s , then a replace of 2s within the prior replace

    here it is the code for your example , notice the last line is the actual beastmode to use


    --  REPLACE(`String to replace`, 1, '')    Replacing the number 1

    -- REPLACE(REPLACE(`String to replace`, 1, ''), 2, '') Replacing the number 2

    -- REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(`String to replace`, 1, ''), 2, ''), 'Site', '') Replacing the 'Site' values

    -- REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(`String to replace`, 1, ''), 2, ''), 'Site', ''), ':', '') Replacing the ':' Values

    REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(`String to replace`, 1, ''), 2, ''), 'Site', ''), ':', ''), 'Checkout Initiate', '')
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  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor

    @Godiepi provided you with the beastmode and will work if all of the replacement values are consistent and limited.  If the Sites are dynamically named or many then I would recommend a mysql dataflow with the sql below.  I put your string in a table named data and named the column col_1 to keep the example shorter.






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