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I'm always looking for ways to accurately compare things, for which bar charts are a good bet. One type of bar chart Domo seems to be missing is often called a "bar range" or "column range" type. I've attached a snapshot from the HighCharts docs as an illustration:



As you can see from the illustration, it's sort of like a bar chart on a timeline, if you know what I mean. The x-axis is stable, and each item is plotted against that x-axis with the start-end ranges. (Much like a box plot.) A regular bar chart plots everything from 0, which is better for compariing the overall size of various items. A range chart is not about comparing sizes, it's about comparing where items fall along a shared continuum. In the HighCharts example, you're looking at temperature ranges, perfect. The question isn't "how much variety is there in temperature in each month?" (bar chart), it's "how cold and hot is it in each month?" (bar range chart.) Both good chars, Domo doesn't seem to have bar range charts.


On a graphing level, Domo has already got several charts that plot in a similar way, this seems like an easy chart to add. If Domo already has this type (or a suitable replacement) and I've missed it, please let me know!



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