Card Location when on the Overview of an ETL

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Currently, the etl Overview - Card tab will show a list of cards but not location. Once the card is clicked the the location is still hidden in the navigation (page/subpage). Even if you go into edit and then back out, location is still hidden. The only work-around I have found is to select the wrench and select move, this show the card location. Either have the Card tab on the etl Overview show location or have the location highlighed once the card is open.

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  • I like this idea.  However, how would you propose displaying the location if a card is located in multiple places?  Would you show the card once for each location?  Or have a list of locations for the one card?

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    I would have a list of locations for each card and have those locations hyperlinked.This could be in lieu of the card being hyperlinked.

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