Longer String Limit for Columns

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Right now the limit for characters in a column is 1024 while services like power bi are apparently well over 100k. We have columns in sql server that store things like xml logs that go over 1024 character which gets truncated. I wasn't even aware of this until now and I've been appending data since November that I've missed out on because they no longer exist in the database. 


I'm proposing a higher limit than 1024, thanks .


Also does a warning exist that I have missed seeing? I'd like to be notified or be able to search for columns that are being truncated that I may not know about.




Workaround for some:


Assuming your data isn't super long you could always slice the data in SQL in the query using a SUBSTRING function. Not sure this is very feasible in my case as my max length is 17,314 characters which would result in 17 columns but if you're just over the limit it's an option.

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  • I am not from Domo, but wanted to test this, so used a string at 1600 char length. CSV export truncates the data at 1024 chars, but if I perform a RIGHT string operation to get the last 10 chars of my string, I can confirm that the RIGHT operation returns the correct data and that it still exists.

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