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I would like to be able to create dynamic card titles.  Specifically when creating a title for a drill view.  For example, if I have a card that shows company sales by sales rep and then create a drill path to get more details about one specific rep... I would like the ability to title the card "@Rep_Name - 2019 Sales"


This title would then change depending on what rep you decided to drill in on.  

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    Yes, this would be super helpful! 


    I have a slight workaround for this, if you are interested. May be a bit hard to explain over text but I will try my best ?


    We have a dashboard of all our partners. At the top, there is a filter card where we can choose a specific partner and view the relevant metrics/cards further down the page.


    I would have loved the metric card titles below to dynamically change their name based on my selection. So instead of a generic title for a card, say "Total Projects Invested", it would instead say "Total Projects Invested by *Name of Partner*". 


    This, of course, is not a supported functionality. So...instead....I did a textbox card above my metric cards and below the filter card, which is set to the name of the partner. This specific card does indeed get filtered by our selection at the top. 


    So, to recap, we have


    1. our Filter Card at the very top with the different partner names.


    2. A textbox card that says "Partner: __________" and the blank is filled with the name. 


    Similarly, we have another card that is a textbook, that says "We have done a total of # deals with _______". The # is the metric/value and the blank will be filled with the category (or Partner name). 


    This makes our dashboard easy to read and tells a narrative, without just spitting out #s on the page. 

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