Option for 'Presets' to be the Default View on the Interactive Date Filter

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Didn't see this posted before, but I would love the option to have the default view of the Interactive Date Filter be the Preset options. I am working in the new DOMO Stories and have a custom sized card where in its current form/size the wrench dropdown completely hides the "Presets" link so it's impossible to click! Even after resizing the card to make it clickable, it would still be nice if i could default it to that view so I don't have to click the Presets link every time I load the page.



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  • I support this idea I have been working on a dashboard for work and it has been frustrating having to change the view when all I really want is a the preset view of it. Right after making the video below i figured out how that I have to actually click on the calendar which is difficult because the size of it. 

    It would also be nice that in a dashboard we would be able to have a clear filter.


  • I would like a preset option. I have a year picker and I would like it to load defaulted to 2019. Everything I try filters the picker card and only gives me 2019 as an option. 


    It would be nice to also say 'Current Year' or 'This Month', so it evolves over time.


    Thank you.

  • I also agree with the comments in this thread. It would be nice to be able to specifiy a date (such as greater than 24 Jan 2019 or by week number) within the dashboard cards. It's kind of annoying to have to scroll back up to the top where the page filters are just to change the date. The ideal scneario would be to include the filter next to the card where dates are most relevant. Has the team picked up on this at all?

  • Update: In the latest Domo update the included the option to have the Preset view as Default. Even though it only looks at dates from the past not the future.



    Filters that currently does:image.png


  • it would be nice to choose what presets are displayed. I would love to show today, yesterday and this month. My data does not have data going back 53 weeks so showing that as an option is not helpful. 

  • I cannot see the preset option in my chart properties, why?

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