Highlight Filter Feature in DOMO

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I wish DOMO has highlight filter feature. For example, when you choose spesific item via filter, rather than only showing the items that you are filtering and removing the other items not included in the filter, instead they keep all of the item, but highlight the item that you filter.


I attach a picture to show what I mean, in the picture, the filtered item are in orange while unfiltered item are in blue.


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  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    I was thinking about something like this yesterday @user12101 


    The ability to conditionally format the "selected value", max, min, mode, avg, value would be awesome!  Bring attention to those key data points.


    This comes in especially handy when you have a ton of data points and you want to see where that one key value sets compared to all the others.  Is your selected value performing as an outlier, in the mix with all the others?  Your idea would help develop insights in understanding a specific data point's place in the overall pool of data.  Great idea!

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