Ability to "Pin" sections on the new dashboard design

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I like the new dashboard design functionality... it would be really awesome if we could give the users the ability to "pin" a section so that is stays on the screen as the user scrolls through the other sections.  As we are beginning to "tell stories" with our dashboards, we often have two or three single number metrics at the top of the dashboard intended to capture the spirit of the data... and we also relying heavily on page interaction filters.  It would be awesome if the user could pin that set of high level metrics while they scroll through and interact with the other cards...



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  • Love it, +1!


    Could function as a frozen "panel" of sorts at the top. Would work well if/when the dashboard itself is extended to fill the screen rather than the current format (I believe I have seen this new-look design in a promotional video, hoping to see it in practice soon!)

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