Ability for users to "save" their filters at the card level/create "multiple" saves

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It would be greate if users could save their filters at the card level.  Not all of our pages/cards are setup in such a way that saving page filters makes sense.


Also, rather than just save a single set of filter settings... it would be really awesome if the user could "name" a set of filters... and then choose from a drop-down list from multiple saved filter settings.



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  • They spoke about that option in Domopalooza , so this is defenitely something they are working on.


    The idea is to be able to save and to name a combination of filters, sort of the same way you can save tags for datasets in the data warehouse.

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  • Millhouse
    Millhouse Domo Employee

    Hi all - we are close to releasing a beta version of filters that will allow you to create and save combinations of filters + values into a saved filter view. This will give you considerably more flexibility when creating and saving your filters, as well as give you a way to surface important aspects of the data to other people. If you are interested in joining the beta, please use this link to sign up.

  • Please see note from @Millhouse on pending release

  • Jeffsnake
    Jeffsnake Contributor

    Sweet!  Just signed up.


    Doesn't sound like the initial rollout will include the ability for users to create/save their own filter combinations... but maybe we can convince them to add that in v2? ?

  • @Jeffsnake keep the comments coming here and in Beta! they are listening!

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